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When you are looking for personalized pain management, Atlanta Innovative Medicine is the ideal choice. We provide patients with access to non-invasive, non-surgical treatment options that really work. Call our Atlanta area chronic pain therapy clinic today to get started!


Our pain management doctors can treat a variety of chronic symptoms, including:

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Our Renowned Medical Director, Dr. Malik, is Double Board-Certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine

“My goal and passion is to help our patients live a healthy, active lifestyle in a relatively pain-free manner—whether in activities of daily living, recreational activities, or high level athletes, amateur and professional. We regularly achieve this at AIM through innovative, individualized nonsurgical approaches.”

—Dr. Farhan Malik, MD, Atlanta Innovative Medicine

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Almost 500 Five Star Reviews!

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Chronic Pain in Atlanta


Diagnosing and treating chronic pain is a challenging endeavor. That is why you need a multidisciplinary group of experts in your corner. You need a team like Atlanta Innovative Medicine.


Our staff includes the best Atlanta chronic pain doctors. They have helped Atlanta Innovative Medicine become the premier Atlanta, GA chronic pain clinic. Not only can your AIM pain relief specialist determine the root cause of your chronic pain, but they can also provide you with personalized, non-invasive treatments that really work!


You have probably tried standard chronic pain treatment methods, such as:

These treatment options can offer some mild relief, but they do not compare to the innovative options provided by our chronic pain clinic in Atlanta.


Atlanta Chronic Pain Solutions from AIM


Our Atlanta chronic pain doctors can help if you are suffering from pain caused by:

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Atlanta Innovative Medicine BBB Business Review

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